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Class Three Safety Vest

Item Description

Class 3 Vest is a short sleeved hi-vis safety vest perfect to be worn in daytime conditions. Contrast trim combinations make workers much more noticeable in low light and broad daylight. Very functional pocket configuration so you can carry the tools you need to do your job. Class 3 safety vests are designed to protect the worker with maximum visibility. These vests are designed with the most hi-vis material coverage and reflective stripes for workers exposed to complex work environments. Class 3 vests are required in environments with high-speed traffic, high-risk environments and where the worker must be visible through a full range of motions at a minimum of 1280 feet (390 meters). Comes in lime green or orange

Available in sizes M-5XL

Branding options are avaiable, reach out today!

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Abbie Dillard

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